The first post!

Testing, testing, 1… 2… 3…

This should be the first post of potentially many on the blog on my very own website! If I get this darned thing working. When I was using my friends as QA for this website. They asked me: “Why?”. Why make your very own website? Why do you want to make a blog? Why do you need it?

Well I don’t need it, do I? But this seems like a fun project where I can learn something new! How to make a website – everything from domain and hosting purchase to potentially even some HTML learning! It might be useful in the future as well. The main point of this website is to play around with WordPress and have a nice single place for all my contact info. I do want to also play around with having my blog though! I’d view it more as a public diary for thoughts and me getting more knowledge about blogging to prepare myself for my food blog plan. Will see where all of this will go!

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