Directors’ “personal” movies.

Before anything else: I do apologise for the tangentyness of my thought process and writing.

Those of us who love to watch movies more often or learn about how they are made probably have a list of our favourite directors, and their best works. I for sure do! (And that could be a topic for another time.)
But after stumbling on a video about one of those directors on my “list” (Wes Anderson), I started thinking about what makes me like their movies and why do I like those ones specifically.

Movies are works of art with many many working parts which complete the whole thing. Each one of us has our own preferences and tastes, which have their own importance. Some people really need a good story to like a film. Some people nitpick the details, and each plothole is like a personal insult. To some, it’s all about the visuals, either every frame has to be a painting, or maybe even a page out of a comic with explosions everywhere. To be frank, I couldn’t probably write what I am looking for. I know movies which “feel good” to me, but I couldn’t probably say specifically why I like everything I do. But I will try regardless.

I mentioned the directors’ “personal” movies in the title of this post. What I mean by that is movies where it’s essentially their baby beginning to end. I will admit I do mean this a bit broadly and there probably will be exceptions to this as well. Specific examples that I have in my mind would be Jojo Rabbit by Taika Waititi for example. I loved Thor: Ragnarok, I think it might actually be my favourite Marvel movie on its own.
(Avengers: Endgame has a special part in my heart, but it’s purely due to the years-long leadup to it with all the standalone movies before it.)
When I saw the trailer for Jojo Rabbit, it looked like it had taken the humour of Taika Waititi that he himself snuck into Thor: Ragnarok through the corporate blockbuster framework (which IMHO made the movie so good) and condensed it into a concentrated form. I was quite excited. And it’s a really good movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. It managed to surprise me in many ways. I recommend it to anyone who might be thinking about watching it.
It had such a different feel to it. It was sort of more “personal” than a lot of movies feel to me. It also had a bunch of Wes Anderson vibes for me.

Speaking of Wes, he is one of those directors (along with Christopher Nolan) who seems to have found his own art style and managed to make a job out of creating his own masterpieces. I think their movies feel special to me since it’s them pouring themselves out on film. They both tend to have this consistent “feel” in their works. Some small details that make them special. For Wes, it’s definitely the colour, framing and the way the story is told. For Nolan, it’s the details and the hidden framework of his plot and a reoccurring theme in his movies where he plays with how time works. I think they get to explore directions that they want to and not have to. It’s like the classic saying, that the most important part of anything you create is love. And looking at those movies, I feel like that is what pours out of them. At least when I was an extra for Tenet, Mr. Nolan certainly did look like he was enjoying himself when he was shooting scenes around the place. All of my favourite movies seem to be ones made by directors and writers who actually wanted to make the movie beginning to end. They took care of them like their babies. I can’t also leave out Quentin Tarantino and his special kind of movies. (The dialogue and flow!)

Inspo for thought tangent:

The first post!

Testing, testing, 1… 2… 3…

This should be the first post of potentially many on the blog on my very own website! If I get this darned thing working. When I was using my friends as QA for this website. They asked me: “Why?”. Why make your very own website? Why do you want to make a blog? Why do you need it?

Well I don’t need it, do I? But this seems like a fun project where I can learn something new! How to make a website – everything from domain and hosting purchase to potentially even some HTML learning! It might be useful in the future as well. The main point of this website is to play around with WordPress and have a nice single place for all my contact info. I do want to also play around with having my blog though! I’d view it more as a public diary for thoughts and me getting more knowledge about blogging to prepare myself for my food blog plan. Will see where all of this will go!